Kill Lana Lang

she's like a cockroach, ya know...she just won't die!

Kill Lana Lang!
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Are you a fan of the tv show, Smallville and have recently begun to wonder why it's turned into "The Lana Lang Hour?" Have you had enough? Then, this is the place for you.

This community is for bashing the character of Lana Lang from the television show, Smallville. If you think that the writers of Smallville have gone too far with the characterization of Lana and you cannot stand her, then join this community.

You can hate Lana because she has come between your favorite pairing: Chloe/Clark, Lois/Clark or Clark/Lex. Or maybe you despise her because she's nothing like her comic book/movie characterization and Smallville is now centered around her. Whatever your reason for loathing Lana, you are welcome here.

All things anti-Lana are approved. That means icons, wallpapers, fanfiction (slash and het welcome), and essays about why Lana is such an insipid little cow are not only welcomed, but really needed.

Let the Lana-hate begin!

As of 03/16/07, all new members have to be approved to join this community due to a recent rash of sockpuppet journals in the fandom. For most people, this will change nothing, just that an e-mail request will be forwarded to me and I will more than likely approve you to the community.

However, for one or two people new to Smallville fandom, this may involve getting another member of this community to "vouch" that you are in fact a real, live person and not a sock. I apologize in advance for this policy...but it has it reasons.

This community is meant to mock the character of Lana Lang, not the actress who plays her.