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Community needs new mod

If anyone would like to take over as mod/maintainer for this community, please PM me. Thank you.


Hey guys.

I don't know if anyone's still hanging out here but I had a cracktastic thought and it's relevant to the community.

Over here
at my journal, if you're interested.

Support Lana Death T-shirts

I made these "Support Lana Death" designs on cafepress.com because I really hate Lana.  I do not expect to make any sales but I would love to hear feedback.  Please visit the store at www.cafepress.com/SupportLanaDth

New Kill Lana Contest!

To celebrate that the Pink Princess is back on the show, this community is announcing the second Kill Lana Lang Contest.

The winner will receive 6 months paid LJ time or a gift certificate on Amazon.com. You decide which one you want.

What do you have to do you say to get this prize? Well, you have to write a story in which Lana Lang is killed. *g*

Rules as are follows:

1.) Story must be at least 3 pages in length (NTR font 12).
2.) Lana must die (permanently) in the story.
3.) Story can be slash, het or gen. Pairing is up to you.
4.) Story has to be posted on this community (or a link to it) by March 15, 2009. Winner will be announced by March 20, 2009. The winner will receive free Livejournal time paid or the Amazon gift certificate within a week of the end of the contest.

Good luck and feel free to pimp this out to any one you think might be interested.